2013 golden globes

i missed the golden globes last night, and i'm kinda sad i did. however these are my fav fashions from last night. 

i'm so in love with kristen wiigs dress! i heard someone say they didn't like it and it wasn't funny. ummm what? i think it's simple yet beautiful and shows off her cute skinny body. my #1 fav

my second favorite is emily blunt. this dress is so beautiful! i'm noticing i only like long tight dresses with the tummy area showing off. 

 i have no clue who michelle dockers is but i love her dress. the top part looks like a beautiful piece of art. 

...like i said before there's a trend with my fav dresses, but this dress is just so beautiful with the neck detail and stomach cutout. 

i think i would have loved this dress a lot more if she didn't wear the belt. don't get me wrong she looks stunning! but to me the belt was just to much.

i know a lot of people didn't like giuliana rancics dress and it wasn't my fav but i love the top. it's has a victorian gothic vibe that is so different for her and i love it.

sooo no lena dunham wasn't the best dressed, but i really love her and so happy so won. i feel like she's my tv friend. haha

WORST F-ING DRESSED!!! what was she thinking... ughhh

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