Happy Halloween

before the night ends... have a spooky night


mellow thoughts

i've had a crazy couple of weeks! spike friendship bracelet biz is doing better then i could have ever hoped... or my fingers could take. i haven't blogged in what looks like twenty days i can't think right now and don't want to. just mellow thoughts... so here's some nice mellow photos.


yard sale

i cleaned out my closet and selling a few of my favorite pieces. i'm a huge fan of blog/ tumblr shops so i decided to open my own... since i can't sell newer items on etsy. please check it out SHOP MY LITTLE FISHEYE CLOSET. here's a few pieces you'll find and some are on ebay.

fairground shorts
erin wasson dress
erin wasson sweater
jeffrey campbell- snick
unif tank
... and there's lots more!