all about the benjamins

... or in my case lack of! i am loving these four things right now.

lindsey thornburg jacket. on sale HERE
i love this piece so much. if only i had the $. if only i was a size 6?
BFF watch on urban outfitters UK HERE
did you know there was an urban UK? (it's way better!)
if you haven't noticed yet i have a thing for friendship bracelets...
UNIF mens tee.
i pretty much dress like a dude... so i may be buying this piece in 10 min
fif lapin iphone case HERE
i almost bought this today... but it was $40. i'd rather pay for my dream fifi tattoo


the reamer

i love this new design for my spike friendship bracelets. my cute friend kelly at let's die friends came up with the genius name "the reamer". they are now for sale on my shop. i can't wait to start wearing mine (watch out).

*my dress is from leah goren

wolfcub x my little fisheye

i'm doing a little give away with the cutie brydie over at wolfcub. check her blog out here for how to win these two bracelets. good luck!


slipknot meets lanvin

found this on a random blog... this is so good! better then the original if you ask me.

Lanvin Fall 2011 Campaign Video from STEAMCLAM on Vimeo.

i am loving these photos for mania mania's new collection "the third mind". this kaleidoscope look is amazing. for more photos go to oracle fox.



it's be awhile since i've seen a music video i liked. i love how it's basic, but they found a way to burn $$$.

PS. Kanye needs to be wearing my spike friendship bracelets!


2 become 1

like the spice girl song "2 become 1" i decided to combine my blogs (but there's no making love here). this will be my main blog and no more lo & chlo. you'll find all my fisheye photos here and things i love. if you're on blog lovin add me there.

here's a little flash back to the 90's...


disneyland fun

these may be my favorite photos i've ever taken from disneyland. the lomo fisheye takes such amazing photos on a nice sunny day.

ring party on the teacups
i wanted this bubble gum hat so bad!
i thought i was going to drop the camera taking this photo! ps, don't know the girl behind us in photo haha

breakfast with my boys

if you're ever in long beach eat at starlight diner. it's one of my favorite breakfast spots.