someone had to get a new hair cut for work =)



jimmy was the best jacob! he stayed in character all night =)
these photos were my distraction technique for an intense game of beer pong

beavis & butthead with their angel

reenactment of high school photo =)



our first night out. more to come...
looking like the local boys ;-)
bad ass dog! he had the biggest head.
eric & his flamingo hat! (i forgot flash oops)
i met this stud. HOT
"ooh eric! you make me giggle"

my doc martens did not like me that night!!! nasty blister =(


these are from a month ago! so fun at the pool with my boys =) we took a whale from the kids and had fun.
yes my bottoms are on!!!

this life guard boat was so cool!!! the kids said we were so lucky to have it

he loves the sun... it shows in his face!
...i wanna go back now!