hello you furry two toned thing

i haven't been able to get this furry jacket off my mind. i love it so much. the two toned and two different textures is so cute and unique. i'll have to clean out my closet soon to add this jacket in. pixie market always has the best clothing.

... is it bad that i hate the styling for this however?



the amazing helene created the cuttest logo EVER. i was lucky enough to have the girls at catsi design some stickers for me. if you want some my little fisheye stickers send me your mailing address to mylittlefisheye@gmail.com

black weekend sale!

everything in my shop is 35% off use coupon code TURKEYHEAD and if you buy 3 spike friendship bracelets you get the 4th one free =)


hello kitty x forever21 (ughhh)

i HATE forever21, i'm very against what they do to fashion is every way. i do get why people shop there, but it's not for me. whenever my friend reina makes me go i sit outside haha. HOWEVER the collection with hello kitty has me very upset... because i LOVE it. damn it! here are a few pieces i hope to get... and then i promise no forever 21 again.
the line print is amazing on the sweater. want it!
this scarf looks so cozy and big
cute beanie on the right
i'm head over heels for the light brown button up. it's my favorite piece

sexy sweaters

if you haven't seen the sexy sweaters tumblr yet you are missing out! if only they were real =( these are my favorites... so far


planet blue

growing up in pasadena i only liked to shop in old town. i always loved going in the planet blue store (it's gone now). they always has the best clothes and i'd walk around and wish i could have every piece. they were the best store by far in the area. it's crazy to see how big they are now, back then it was a small boutique. with that said they have the best stylist/ photographer duo i have seen! i am absolutely in love with their holiday campaign. and how cute is there model? she looks like a sexy version of taylor swift... and not so annoying.

prince puja

i've been a little more then obsessed with my friends josh's new collection called "in tribes we roam". these are a few of my favorites! i can't wait to order some pieces soon =) follow his blog here for more on all things prince puja!

PS. i still want all your clothes!


evil eyes and skulls

i did this mini collection of jewelry about a month ago. i've been so busy i never got time to put it up on my shop. it's now up, there two mini collections. one with evil eyes and the other with skulls. there's a few random pieces that are fun too like a spoon necklace. go to my shop HERE to see everything.