i've been wanting to experiment with making keychains. i finally got to it and LOVE it. i'm giving one away on instagram, so if you're on it follow me and my photo so you can win. they look really cute worn on your bag as well. i'll have them for sale soooon.

instagram: lauren_fisheye


ELLE France

i love going on twitter (which i never do) and see a store who carries my bracelets is in ELLE. i went to check it out and saw that one of my bracelets is in the shoot. i'm so happy i was apart of this shot in a small way, it's styled so cute. thank you melissa and val @ marlow market!

look really hard and you'll see my spike friendship bracelet =)

the rest of the shoot
love this dress!

i had these boots! i just gave the away this weekend =/

i love their blog as well marlow35


lomo fisheye photos: randoms from 2011

... a few randoms from 2011
kitty at the sushi bar

bugs trapped... for life!

on the streets day of the rapture
love these guys at the flea market

lomo fisheye photos: palm springs

i never posted these photos from a mini trip to palm springs. i sooo do not miss brown hair!

happy new year!

happy new year... 22 days later!

the reason my little fisheye started was to have a home for all my fisheye photos i take, and it seems i have forgotten that. i've started using me new hello kitty lomo and it's put me back in fisheye taking mode. happy 2012! it's going to be a good year!