black friday sale

starting me black friday sale early! go to loandchlo.etsy.com for 35% off now-sunday. coupon code "blackout"


jewelry inspiration

just cam across a folder of jewelry inspiration from a few years ago. most of it was pretty bad, but these photos i still love. i just started a jewelry class to learn casting and such so these photos will come in handy. 


audrey kitching in lo and chlo

jillian kate

the cutie jillian kate wearing a few lo and chlo bracelets

cleopatra collection

my new cleopatra collection is now on the shop. i expanded the original evil eye slave bracelet that has been so popular. i really love this collection and hope everyone does too. the photo were taken at the cleopatra exhibit at the california science center. shop the collection now loandchlo.etsy.com


my shitz at american rag

i never get to see my jewerly in stores so i was super excited when i stopped by american rag last week and saw my stuff. lo and chlo will soon be in all their shops!

looking hot

no doubt was my childhood! i loved them so and would always sing sunday morning in the mirror with my brush haha. i was majorly disappointed in their new album... just not the same. i heard a few days ago they pulled the video for looking hot, so i never got to see it because people said it was hurt full. from the images i've seen is looks visually amazing and i wish i could see the video! it anyone knows where to see it let me know!



in honor of this special day in america i thought i'd post all these cute/funny/amazing photos. clearly i voted for OBAMA♥ 



bubble tea bracelet

i took my love for boba one step closer and made the bubble tea bracelet. these bright big neon beads look just like bright boba fun! it's on the shop now and only one made loandchlo.etsy.com


i am loving these animal and skull hangers at urban outfitters. for some reason i'm a sucker for cute hangers... i love these three, but there's more to pick from on the website. 



umm best halloween costumes this year

halloween is way over, but i just came across these photos of katy perry and kate moss's costumes and i'm dying! they are so good!

never the bride

i am so in love with courtney loves new line "never the bride" it's absolutely beautiful and original. and the fact that she used chloe norgaard makes me love it even more, chloe is adorablei can't wait for this line to come out.  the detail is impeccable! the piece is the first photo is my favorite.