have you ever seen rumor has it? the movie is based in pasadena and there's a quote from it "it's a pasadena thing". a MOJOR pasadena thing is the rose parade, people from pasadena live for this around new years and it's more weird to not be there then to be there. growing up it was a must do! i loved it so much and when it was over i'd drag my babysitter to pluck all the flowers off the float. as i got older the rose parade seemed so boring to me, i hadn't gone or seen it in years... until this year. my bff went with her family and i came along. for some reason when she asked if i wanted to come she thought i'd say no, but it was a quick YES. i haven't lived in pasadena for 5/6 years now and when i said i was there orange county people thought it was crazy i was there and then i thought... it's a pasadena thing. it made me feel like a kid again, getting so excited when a new float was approaching or soooo grossed out when the horses started peeing (we were right on the curb as you can see in photos) anyways on to the photos, sorry there are over three months old.
family photos!
these poor guys where stopped by us for 10+ minutes. they were so cool


these mermaid cowgirls were so cute

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