Buduaar Magazine

My kostja ring was featured in Estonian magazine Buduaar. 

Haunt magazine

My cute little troll necklace and spike friendship ring were featured in Haunt Magazine. The shot was taken at Audrey Kitchings house =)


my met picks

this years met was whatever, but i love these looks. 
nicole richie was my absolute favorite! from hair, to ear cuffs, to dress LOVE
i know a lot of people didn't like SJPs look but i did! it looks so fun
nothing about this says punk or even met really, but it's kind of GREAT! i'd love to wear this, minis the fur. 

can not stand her and the dress was ugly... but she looks so good with blond hair!
i think out of all of the ladies sienna got ot right. and how amazing is her spiked jacket?
i'm kinda in love with michelle williams hair always, and i loved it at the met. dress not so much...



i love the beauty and delicacy on these earrings. 


garter legs

i've been wearing this garter all week. i love it so much! i've yet to wear it as a functional piece, but i kind of like it this way. BUY IT HERE

spaced out

so loving this new shirt on the shop. i gave it a space dye and added beautiful fringe lace. BUY IT HERE


red. june '12

lo and chlo spike friendship bracelets were featured in the june 2012 issue of red, a popular magazine in UK. 

nylon sept. '12

yippe! cory kennedy in spike friendship bracelet again. love that she wore the shit out of it =)


nation 19 magazine. feb '13

my hottie pie friend lauren vey was in nation19 magazine wearing a lo and chlo bracelet.